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2013 Fender S-1 Switching Changes

American Deluxe Stratocaster 2013 S-1 Swtiching Diagram

2013 American Deluxe Stratocaster S-1 Switching Diagram

There have been reports of some new switching changes for the 2013 series Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster S-1 switching system. The Fender website is still showing the same wiring as found on the 2010 series of American Deluxe Stratocaster but some people have gotten a new S-1 swtiching diagram with their 2013 Deluxe Stratocasters. If you click on the picture on the right you will see the new pickup combinations listed with the 2013 guitars. If you want to see the older S-1 switching combinations then check out our Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster S-1 Switching System page.

It looks like the special tone capacitor is gone and a selection to have neck, middle and bridge pickups on simultaneously in series is now available. My suggestion to anyone with questions about which S1 system you have on your guitar is to do the following test: With the guitar plugged into your amp and the S-1 switch depressed take a small flat blade screwdriver and lightly touch a magnet on each pickup and listen for a louder pop through your amplifier. This will let you know that the pickup is currently switched on. Do this with the blade selector in each position and write down which pickups are on in each position. This will give you a good starting point to match you guitar up with the correct S-1 switching diagram.

Here’s a list of the 2013 5-Position Blade and 2-Position Push/Push S-1TM:

S-1 Switch Up (off):
Position 1. Bridge Pickup
Position 2. Bridge and Middle Pickup in Parallel
Position 3. Middle Pickup
Position 4. Middle and Neck Pickup in Parallel
Position 5. Neck Pickup

S-1 Switch Down (On):
Position 1. Bridge pickup in parallel with Neck & Middle pickups in series
Position 2. Neck pickup in parallel with Middle & Bridge pickups in series
Position 3. Middle and Bridge pickups in Series
Position 4. Neck & Middle pickups in series
Position 5. All pickups in series

Fender N3 Noiseless Pickups Sound Clips

Fender has made a nice series of YouTube videos that demo the sound of their pickups in an American Standard Stratocaster guitar. I’m going to post up two videos that highlight the sound of the Fender N3 Noiseless Pickups. I personally like the sound of these pickups and have been enjoying them in my American Deluxe Stratocaster. You can find more information about these pickups in my Fender Noiseless N3 Pickups Review.

The first clip is the sound of the pickups through a clean amp setting. The amplifier is a Fender Super-Sonic 22 combo and for the clean sound it is run through the Vintage channel with the EQ set flat.


The second clip is the sound of the N3 Noiseless pickups using a dirty tone. The amplifier is a Fender Super-Sonic 22 combo with the guitar running through the Burn channel using medium gain. The EQ is set flat.

American Series Stratocaster Features Rolled Edges On The Neck

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