Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster Factory Setup Measurements

Deluxe Stratocaster High E String Height 4/64"

The first thing I usually do whenever I get a new guitar is set it up to my own personal settings which are very close to the Stratocaster Setup Guide. When I got my new 2010 series Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster I wanted to be sure and record the factory measurements so I could always refer back to the original measurements that the guitar was shipped with from the factory. So I detailed all the factory settings with some pictures. Here’s a look at what I found the factory setup measurements to be on my Stratocaster.

The front of the bridge was set level with the top surface of the pickguard. When the tremolo is pulled all the way back the bridge was not quite flush with the body. It was about 1/32″ off the body at the studs. The tremolo springs were set so that the rear of the bridge was floating about 5/16″ above the body of the guitar.

  • Tremolo Height and Angle Adjustment – Measured at a little higher than the pickguard in front and 5/16″ above body in the rear.
Stratocaster Tremolo Angle and Height Measurement 5/16"
Tremolo Height and Angle Measurement 5/16″

The factory measurement for pickup height measured at the bass string and the treble string from the top of the pole pieces were as follows:

  • Bridge Pickup – Bass 9/32″, Treble 1/8″
  • Middle Pickup – Bass 11/64″, Treble 11/64″
  • Neck Pickup – Bass 3/8″, Treble 11/64″
Stratocaster Middle Pickup Bass Side Height 11/64"
Middle Pickup Bass Side Height 11/64″
Bridge Pickup Treble Side Height 1/8″. I pressed down on the 2nd string so you could see the measurement better.

The factory measurement for string height as measured from the top of the 17th fret to the bottom of the string was as follows:

  • Low E-String – 5/64″
  • A-String – 5/64″
  • D-String – 5/64″
  • G- String – 5/64″
  • B-String – 3/16″
  • High E-String – 2/16″
Low E String Height 4/64"
Low E String Height 4/64″
Deluxe Stratocaster High E String Height 4/64"
Stratocaster High E String Height 4/64″

The truss rod relief was measured at .012″ as measured with a feeler gauge between the top of the 8th fret and the bottom of the low-E string. To do this measurement you set a capo at the first fret and then you press down on the string at the last fret on the neck. Then you insert a feeler gauge between the fret and the string at 8th fret.

  • Truss Rod Relief – Measured as .012″

The guitar played quite well right out of the box although it wasn’t perfectly intonated and I prefer my guitars setup using the measurements from the Stratocaster Setup Guide.

I would like to hear from you readers what your guitar came set at from the factory if you know and also where you like these measurements set for your own personal “best playability” settings. Please leave your measurements in the comments at the bottom of the page in the following format substituting the XX’s with measurements:

  • Tremolo Height and Angle – xx” above or below the pickguard and xx” above the body at the back of the tremolo.
  • Bridge Pickup Height – Bass xx”, Treble xx”
  • Middle Pickup Height – Bass xx”, Treble xx”
  • Neck Pickup Height – Bass xx”, Treble xx”
  • String Height – Low E xx”, A xx”, D xx”, G xx”, B xx”, High E xx”
  • Neck Relief – .0xx”

2 responses to “Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster Factory Setup Measurements”

  1. My high e string has a loose spring that is around the intonation adjustment screw. I can move it with my finger. I’m intonated fine, but I suspect I’m getting a rattle from the spring. What do you think.

  2. You can probably take the string off, remove the screw and see if you can just manually stretch the string out a little longer. See if that can tighten it up some.

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