American Series Stratocaster Features Rolled Edges On The Neck

Rolled Stratocaster Fingerboard Edge
Rolled edges of a Stratocaster neck

Have you ever played on a vintage Stratocaster that is about 30 years old? If you have then you’ve probably noticed how comfortable the neck feels in your hand. One of the reasons for that is because over time the edges of the fretboard slowly wear down and become rounded. This gives the neck a very silky feel when you slide your hand on the neck while you play.

A lot of players and guitar technicians will take a screwdriver and roll the edges of non-rolled necks. Some will take a file and file the edges of the neck so that they are round. Either technique requires a lot of practice and skill or you will permanently damage your neck. I’m really happy that Fender manufactures a rolled neck at the factory for the American series Stratocasters.

One of the nicest features of the American series Stratocaster are the rolled edges on the neck of the guitar. The factory actually presses the edges of the neck to give it a round, smooth feel. Fender also takes the time to file and contour the edges of the frets so that they smoothly align with the rolled edges of the neck. That makes the edges of the neck feel just as smooth as possible and it’s a difference that you can feel.

So when you’re thinking about purchasing a Fender American series Stratocaster make sure to take notice of the rolled edges on the neck. It sounds like a small feature but it’s a really wonderful addition to the guitar.

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