Plasma Burst finish on Fender American Ultra Stratocaster

American Special Stratocaster Cany Apple Red
New For 2010 – The American Special Stratocaster

Deluxe Guitar dedicates its focus to American made Fender guitars, particularly the entire series of the Fender American Stratocaster guitars. We heavily emphasize every Made In The USA model in the current Fender Stratocaster lineup, from the American Standard to the American Deluxe, and beyond. Our primary emphasis lies on the top-of-the-line guitars. If your Stratocaster is manufactured in the United States of America, Deluxe Guitar is your source for comprehensive information about your instrument.

   On Deluxe guitar the discussion is on the many aspects of the American made Fender Stratocaster line. Each model’s Strengths and weaknesses are discussed, as well as buying options and collectibility of the guitar. With this information you should be able to make more informed purchasing decisions while shopping for your Fender Stratocaster. We also have articles with Tech tips and setup to help you get the most out of your instrument.

   The Fender American Stratocaster is the primary instrument line discussed on Deluxe Guitar, although, we discuss other guitars as well. Included in the discussion will be all other American made guitars including guitars from Gibson, PRS, Martin, B.C. Rich and others. Occasionally, we discuss top alternatives to American made guitars including foreign made guitars by Fender, Ibanez, and other top manufacturers.

   The bottom line is, if you want to learn how to pick the very best guitars from the best manufacturers then you need to become a regular reader of Deluxe Guitar.

About the Author

Matt Rushton has been playing on stages in the western United States for many years. He owns a great collection of American made Fender guitars with a heavy emphasis on Stratocasters. He is an accomplished player and an accomplished guitar technician. Check out his Utah rock band Moe Low.

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  1. Just purchasing a new 2011 American Deluxe Strat V-neck 2-color burst in noticed that mine came without the switching illustration. Your description was beneficial but I wanted to “see” the diagram…so I drew one and would like to submit it for your consideration. I had seen an illustration of the pre-2010 diagram and humbly admit mine is so much better (and in color)! Please let me know how I might get this to you for others on your fine site to enjoy and learn from.

  2. Scott, I will e-mail you with instructions on how to submit your diagram. Thank you! -Matt-

  3. I need 2002 American Deluxe Fat schematics. The volume pot is scratchy and I want to replace it with CTS, but not sure which ohm.


  4. Fender’s S1 switch give you 10 pickup tones. But AweSome Guitars’ T3-Switch gives you 35 pickup tones.

  5. Hi! Does anyone know if someone has made a pop in arm more similar in length as the american standard to the american deluxe? I don’t like the way the original american deluxe whammy bar feels in my hand when I’m working.
    I have the burgundy mist sss and the black one with hss.
    Would be glad if anyone had som creative ideas for me in this matter. =)

    //Ronnie from Sweden

  6. Hey! My English sucks! =) I meant tremolo arm and not Whammy bar…

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